Energy Related Regulation

Energy Related Regulation

Meitar regularly advises clients on developments in Israeli energy law and regulations as well as issues of compliance in the energy field. The energy field has seen many significant developments in recent years, including major legislation regulating the electricity sector, natural gas distribution and alternative energy fields. We work with incumbent and independent power producers (IPPs), as well as investors and suppliers to these companies.

We work extensively and directly with officials in the energy related ministries and regulatory authorities and have long standing relations with officials in the Natural Gas Authority, the Public Utilities Authority, the Ministry of National Infrastructures and the Petroleum Commissioner’s Office.

We have represented clients in their dealings with major regulators in the electricity and natural gas markets (the Public Utilities Authority and the Natural Gas Authority) and in the upstream oil and gas exploration market (the Petroleum Commissioner) who have made considerable progress in regulating their respective markets.

Meitar’s Energy Department advises conventional and renewable energy IPP clients in keeping abreast of the ever-changing regulatory environment, and in their dealings with the the Public Utilities Authority, the Natural Gas Authority and the Ministry of National Infrastructures.

Renelle Joffe
, the head of Meitar’s Energy Department, plays a prominent role in commenting on and interpreting energy regulation. Renelle is co-Chairperson of the recently formed Energy and Infrastructure Committee of the Israeli Bar Association. The IBA formed the committee at Renelle’s initiative, in light of the increasing legal work in this sector, with new regulation in the electricity sector being published regularly, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

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