As Israel’s leading international law firm, we have invested a great deal of effort over the years to reduce our carbon footprint and become a green firm, among other things by properly managing the firm’s waste recycling and its energy, paper and water consumption.

In view of the urgency of dealing with global warming and climate change, we have recently stepped up our efforts to protect the environment, and we see ourselves committed to implementing environmentally friendly practices.

What are we doing to curb our environmental impact?

  • We encourage electronic retention of documents to reduce the amount of printouts in the office.
  • We reduce the use of paper by default duplex printing.
  • We encourage switching to Internet alternatives instead of using printed directories and newspapers.
  • We use recycled paper that is chlorine-free, derived from cellulose fibers originating from sustainably managed forests.
  • All our waste paper is shredded and recycled.
  • There are recycling bins for plastic, paper, batteries and more at the office.
  • We switched all the bulbs in the office to “green”, energy-efficient bulbs.
  • We make sure to turn off all the lights, air conditioning and electrical equipment after office hours.
  • We encourage using reusable utensils to minimize use of plastic and disposables in our cafeterias.