Tender Law

Tender Law

Meitar’s Tender Law group is one of the leading departments in the field. Our Tender Law experts have extensive experience in all aspects of the field, and consistently receive the highest rankings in respected ranking guides. The firm’s clients include local and international joint ventures and companies participating in various types of large-scale tenders, as well as public entities, such as state-owned corporations, public corporations, government agencies, municipalities, local authorities, water companies and municipal corporations that are obligated to publish tenders.

The firm’s experience spans a diverse range of fields, including infrastructure, public transportation, trains, seaports, airports, road works, power plants, gas lines, procurement auctions, and tenders for services, such as construction, information systems, computerization, organization, control and more.

The Tender Law group’s services include advice and consulting to both entities issuing tenders and those bidding in tenders.

For entities conducting tenders and tender committees:

  • Advising on exemptions from tender processes.
  • Preliminary advice on selecting the most suitable tender process.
  • Formulating tender strategy and ways to obtain optimal results.
  • Handling preliminary tender stages such as RFIs and PQs.
  • Formulating threshold conditions and other tender documentation such as rules, criteria, secondary tests, etc.
  • Formulating terms of transaction and contracts between tender issuers and winning bidders.
  • Assisting in publishing tenders and replying to requests for clarification.
  • Assisting in examining bids, measuring compliance with threshold conditions, and scoring bids.
  • Assisting in appeals and representing tender committees in legal proceedings.
  • Assisting in contract execution and monitoring transaction implementation.

For companies and entities participating in tenders:

  • Advising on the possibility of influencing the content of the tender and/or the contract in the preliminary stages.
  • Assisting in establishing JVs for bid submissions and preparing pre-bid agreements.
  • Preparing agreements with subcontractors.
  • Advising on requests for clarification.
  • Examining the legal aspects of tender documents and compliance with threshold and other tender conditions.
  • Advising in post-tender issues, such as challenging winning bids or blocking challenges of winning bids.
  • Representation in appeals to tender committees and in legal proceedings before the courts.
  • Assisting in contract execution.

Meitar’s Tender Law group is headed by Giora Ungar. Giora has over 35 years of experience in tender law as well as civil and commercial law. He represents clients in complex cases before the courts, legal tribunals, arbitration panels and other forums. The firm’s Tender Law group is staffed by a team of skilled, experienced attorneys who play an active role in the field on an ongoing basis.