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    16 Abba Hillel Silver Rd.
    Ramat Gan 5250608, Israel

    Tel: 972 3 610 3949 Fax: 972 3 610 3854

    Email: giorau@meitar.com


    Giora Ungar is a partner in the firm’s Tender Law Group. Giora has over 35 years of extensive experience in civil and commercial law and in representing clients in complex cases before courts of all instances, legal tribunals, arbitration panels and other forums.

    Giora specializes in civil and administrative law and over his many years of practice he has become highly knowledgeable and has earned a strong reputation for guiding clients through all stages of negotiations, contracts and commercial transactions in different projects, and especially complex infrastructure and construction projects, while particularly focusing on tender law, and representation in litigation proceedings pertaining to these fields.

    Over the last twenty years, Giora was involved in the litigation of, and/or the writing of, and/or the advising on, an enormous amount of tenders in a diverse range of areas, such as construction of sea ports, airports, large-scale infrastructure projects (roads, pavements, sewage, piping, tunnels), complex construction projects (office buildings, parking lots, parks, advanced industrial complexes, power stations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and industrial and regular waste recycling facilities), and tenders for providing other types of services such as public transportation, design of computer systems, pedagogical services, signposting and outdoor advertising, legal services, accounting services, economic and financial consulting services, and many more.

    Giora, with the assistance of his team, makes use of the experience he acquired, for the benefit of entities conducting tenders, and tender committees (which he assists in planning the tender process, formulating its conditions, and guiding the process to its successful completion, while optimizing the results and making the process shorter and more efficient), as well as for the benefit of clients who participate in other tenders (and whom he guides throughout the tender proceedings including examination of the tender’s provisions, preparing the proposals and evaluating the results). When necessary, Giora also represents the tender committees and/or the bidders (depending on the case) in litigation proceedings regarding the tender.

    In addition, Giora acts as a commercial arbitrator in the above mentioned fields.


    Representative Experience

    • Representing clients in significant and complex defense-related tenders for high-value contracts with the Ministry of Defense.
    • Representing bidders in an international tender of the Ministry of Finance relating to the “Wisconsin Program” to encourage welfare recipients to re-enter the workforce.
    • Representing a public company in a municipal tender to acquire a lot for its new headquarters and production facility.
    • Representing a bidder in a tender for the distribution of natural gas in a successful challenge to the tender procedures before the Supreme Court of Israel.
    • Advising and representing a public bus transportation company in a number of major tenders for public transportation contracts.
    • Representing a consortium in a tender to select a natural gas distributor for Israel’s southern region.
    • Advising in a major agreement in which a publicly traded company acquired a private company that deals with computer solutions.
    • Representing public companies in a major claim against the Israel Land Administration.
    • Representation of Israel’s Association of Engineers in an arbitration regarding an evacuation lawsuit and monetary claim.
    • Representation of the winning bidder in a major infrastructure project for the transfer of sewage pipes under the Ayalon Freeway in Tel Aviv.
    • Representation of the winning bidder for the rights to advertising in airports in Israel.
    • Representation of bidders in various infrastructure projects, including construction of seaports and airports.
    • Representation of a group of companies engaged in building specialized factories in a number of claims relating to breaches of building contracts.
    • Leading, advising and assisting a large number of tender committees of public entities of many types in the preparation of tender documents, the process of choosing the winning bidder and in disputes relating to such tenders.

    Selected additional publications

    Giora is co-author of the Israeli chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Public Procurement (2009). This article appeared in the 1st edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Public Procurement; published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London. www.iclg.co.uk