White Collar

White Collar

Our White Collar Practice is one of the leading white collar departments in Israel and is considered among the best in the world for international investigation cases. The department has represented major companies in the Israeli economy in various legal proceedings. In addition, Meitar’s White Collar Team has represented many government, public and private companies, as well as local authorities and public figures including ministers, a former prime minister, businessmen and more. These clients represent a variety of areas of activity: defense, technology, infrastructure, pharma, high-tech, retail, energy, communications, industry, mining and more.

The department’s attorneys appear before courts of all instances in complex cases, and provide advice and guidance in investigations and proceedings regarding very sensitive issues, such as bribery, money laundering and securities offenses, fraud, tax, antitrust and cyber offenses, involuntary manslaughter and many more. Our White Collar Practice has handled cases involving investigations by the leading government entities in Israel:  the Police, the Securities Authority, the Antitrust Authority, the Tax Authorities and the Civil Service Commission. Our firm also regularly represents clients in proceedings conducted by foreign authorities involving the abovementioned matters.

The firm has a considerable amount of partners and associates who are active in the White Collar Practice and are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. The clients turning to the White Collar Team are both from the firm’s existing clientele that includes some of the largest companies in Israel and abroad (operating in Israel) and clients retaining the firm for specific representation in respect of white collar crimes.

The prestigious ranking guide GIR has ranked our firm in recent years as one of the world’s 100 best white collar firms and the only one from Israel.

In addition, Adv. Yuval Sasson has been selected as one of the leading attorneys in the field (with only two Israeli lawyers having been ranked) each year as of 2015.