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    16 Abba Hillel Silver Rd.
    Ramat Gan 5250608, Israel

    Tel: 972 3 610 3135 Fax: 972 3 610 3639

    Email: nadavw@meitar.com

    ‘one of the most talented litigators involved today in many

    of the highest profile litigation cases in Israel’

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    Nadav Weisman joined the firm in 1998 and has been a partner since 2001 in the litigation department.

    Nadav specializes in corporate and commercial litigation, focusing mainly on class actions and derivative actions, shareholder disputes and directors and officers’ liability. He also has a strong practice in white-collar criminal matters.  Nadav appears regularly before the District Courts and the Supreme Court of Israel, and also in arbitration proceedings.

    From 1992-1998, Nadav served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as an assistant to the Military Chief Prosecutor and then as the Prosecutor for the Central Command. He has also served for 25 years in the reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel, representing the Military Advocate General in some of the most high-profile criminal prosecutions of the IDF.

    In 2019, Nadav was elected to the National Council of the Israel Bar Association, and in 2023 he was re-elected to a second term. He also represents the Bar Association on the Judicial Appointments Committee for Military Courts.


    Representative Experience

    Prominent Cases

    • The Remedia case – representation of the former CEO of Heinz-Remedia in negligent homicide charges. This is a landmark case of product liability.
    • The Peled-Givony case – representation in civil proceedings that reached the Israeli Supreme Court against the former directors, officers and controlling shareholders of a bankrupt public company.
    • The IDB Investments insolvency matter – representation of bond trustees holding a debt of NIS 1.7 billion, in one of Israel’s largest insolvency proceedings.
    • The Jerusalem Light Rail arbitration – representation of Alstom Transport in a NIS 2 billion arbitration proceeding against the State of Israel.
    • The Israel Electric Company bribery affair – representation of Siemens AG in a NIS 200 million claim filed against it and in criminal proceedings that followed.
    • The GIS affair – representation of Siemens AG in a NIS 3.7 billion class action alleging a cartel in gas insulated switchgear.
    • The Forex affair – representation of Citibank in a multi-billion NIS class action alleging a cartel in the foreign currency markets.
    • The Libor affair – representation of Rabobank in a multi-billion NIS class action alleging a cartel to fix interest rates.
    • The Habas Investments case – representation of the former directors and officers of the company in a case that reached the Israeli Supreme Court.
    • The Elor Azaria case (the Hebron shooting incident) – as part of his military reserve duty, Nadav served as chief prosecutor in a major case (ranked by some commentators as “the trial of the decade”) to enforce the IDF’s moral values.
    • The standard of reasonableness petition – Nadav led a team of partners and associates representing the Israel Bar Association pro-bono before the High Court of Justice in what is considered to be the one of the most important constitutional petitions in the history of Israel – the only case ever heard en banc by the full panel of all 15 judges of the Supreme Court.