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    Dr. Eithan Y. Kidron Partner

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    16 Abba Hillel Silver Rd.
    Ramat Gan 5250608, Israel

    Tel: 972 3 610 3615 Fax: 972 3 614 8832

    Email: eithank@meitar.com


    Dr. Eithan Y. Kidron is a partner in Meitar Law Firm Litigation Group.

    Eithan is an expert in “white-collar” criminal law and regulatory enforcement. Eithan represents and advises corporations and officers in complex criminal and administrative matters in various areas including defense, technology, infrastructure, pharma, high-tech, retail, energy, communications, industry, mining, and more. Eithan has also represented various public figures including ministers, Judges, high-ranked officials, businessmen, and more. He provides advice and guidance in investigations initiated by the Israeli Police or other Israeli authorities on various issues, such as corruption, money laundering, securities, cyber, tax, competition (antitrust), labor, environmental Protection, and many more. In addition, he represents and advises in international matters, including extradition matters, and assists with cross-border litigation in foreign courts. Eitan also leads internal investigation teams of companies, for investigations of offenses and regulatory violations.

    Eithan is a member of the Legislative Committee (Criminal) of the Israel Bar Association. In this context, he participates in Israel’s most influential forums on criminal law.

    Eithan is a lecturer and researcher at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. Eithan holds a Ph.D. titled “Punitive Ambiguity: Rethinking the Limit between Criminal and Administrative Enforcement of Securities Laws Violations”. He teaches the course “Enforcement and Compliance in Corporation.” Previously, he taught the courses “Criminal Law”, and “Criminal Law and Economic Regulation.” In addition, Eithan conducts studies in his fields of expertise and publishes articles in leading academic journals.


    Selected additional publications

    • “Exemption from Criminal Liability in the Organ Market” Law Studies, Bar Ilan University Law Review (2015) (won “Law Studies” prize for best article).
    • “”Punitive Ambiguity”: Rethinking the Limit between Criminal and Administrative Enforcement of Securities Law Violations” Ph.D. diss., Tel Aviv University (2016).
    • “Systemic Forum Selection Ambiguity in Financial Regulation” American Criminal Law Review (2016).
    • “Understanding Administrative Sanctioning as Corrective Justice” Journal of Law and Reform (2017).
    • “Moral Turpitude as Administrative Enforcement – The Doctrine of Limited Bar” Mishpatim, Hebrew University Law Review (2020).
    • “About Deputy Prime Minister Deri and About Moral Turpitude” Iyunei Mishpat, Tel-Aviv University Law Review (2023).
    • “Punish a Corporation that is Guilty – Review of the Criminal Responsibility of the Corporation” Hapraklit, Israel Bar Law Review (2023).
    • “New Agents in Criminal Law: Extending Crime Victims’ Rights to Corporations” Mishpatim, Hebrew University Law Review (2020).