Meitar’s Infrastructure Department provides legal advice and assistance to infrastructure companies and projects both in Israel and overseas, including oil and gas producers, companies developing power stations, ports and airports, railway facilities, roads, wastewater treatment facilities, water and sewage corporations.

The department advises and assists such corporations in all legal aspects relevant to their infrastructure development operations, such as formation, funding, tender processes, negotiations, agreements, regulation and more, working in full coordination with our firm’s energy, corporate, litigation, taxation and environmental departments.

Services provided by our firm in the field include, inter alia:

  • Legal assistance to the companies participating in tenders for ports, airports, power stations, railway facilities, road construction and water and sewage infrastructure development.
  • Handling licensing procedures with the state authorities and obtaining licenses from the Petroleum and Gas Commissioner and the Electricity Authority, including drafting distribution agreements, gas supply agreements, gas purchase agreements, infrastructure development agreements and plants conversion into natural gas agreements.
  • Full involvement in infrastructure development and renewable energy projects.
  • Legal assistance in wastewater treatment plants and water and sewage infrastructure development.
  • Legal assistance in filing infrastructure-related petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative petitions as well as tender-related administrative petitions.
  • Drafting contracts with subcontractors and equipment suppliers.
  • Drafting power station development agreements.
  • Negotiating with banks and financial institutions and drafting project funding agreements.

Our firm’s Infrastructure Department is headed by adv. Alon Gellert and adv. Gidi Frishtik. Adv. Gellert, a regulation specialist, has vast experience of over 25 years in commercial law and advising major companies and corporations, formerly serving as the Legal Advisor in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and heading the Government Companies Authority Advisory Committee. Adv. Frishtik, an environmental law specialist, serving as a co-chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Israel Bar Association and local authorities and environmental law lecturer, advises numerous clients on flowing and municipal infrastructure-related issues.

Representative Experience

  • Representation of one of the bidders, passing the initial evaluation in the Ashdod and Haifa Ports development tender.
  • Legal advice to a company participating in the Timna Ramon Airport development tender.
  • Legal representation of the natural gas distribution tender participant in a successful appeal filed with the Supreme Court of Israel, challenging the tender procedures.
  • Representing a German company participating in the water treatment facility’s sewage infrastructure development tender.
  • Legal advice to the German M+W Group in securing funding of procurement, development and engineering services for five power stations.
  • Legal advice and representation of a solar energy company in energy facilities setup in local authorities and industrial area.
  • Assistance to Super NG Ltd., holding a license for gas distribution in Central Israel, in distribution network development.
  • Representation of EDT, marine construction and special services company, in a desalination project.
  • Representation of a leading interim funding company, taking part in the Haifa Carmel Tunnels projects.
  • Representation of a company in negotiations for participation in a renewable energy power plant project.
  • Representation of Alstom SA in the Jerusalem Light Rail development project and in a series of arbitration proceedings related to the project.
  • Representation of Dragados, a Spanish conglomerate, with respect to Carmelton, the Haifa tunnels project.
  • Representation of IPC in the Economic and the Supreme Courts in the Myra and Sara natural gas reserves-related proceedings.