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Recent transaction and litigation


April / 2016

Representation of Magic Leap in the acquisition of Northbit

Meitar represented Magic Leap, a global virtual reality developer, in its acquisition of Northbit, an Israeli cybersecurity start up.

April / 2016

Representation of Oracle in the acquisition of Crosswise

Meitar represented Oracle, a global computer technology corporation and provider of cloud applications, platform services and engineered systems, in the acquisition of Crosswise, a leading machine-learning data provider.

April / 2016

Representation of Leadcom Ltd. in a claim against its directors and officers

Our firm represented the directors and officers of Leadcom Integrated Solutions Ltd. (“Leadcom“), an Israeli Company that has been active in more than 40 countries for the deployment of cellular telecommunication networks, in a NIS 93 million claim filed against it by the trustee of the bonds issued by Leadcom, on behalf of the bondholders. In the claim it was argued that the officers included misleading items (as this term is defined in the Securities Law) in the company’s prospectus, periodic reports and immediate reports. Following five years of litigation and at the end of the evidentiary stage, the court recommended the Plaintiff to withdraw the claim. Pursuant to negotiations with the Plaintiff, an agreed motion was submitted for the dismissal of the claim against our clients, and to order the Plaintiff to pay the Defendants NIS 625,000 for costs incurred by them.

March / 2016

Representation of Leaba Semiconductor in its acquisition by Cisco

Meitar represented Leaba Semiconductor, Israeli based semiconductor company, in its acquisition by Cisco, worldwide IT leader, for $320M.

February / 2016

Representation of Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. in a lawsuit by activist shareholders

Meitar represented Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., an Israeli pharmaceutical company that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, in a lawsuit by minority shareholders (two US-based funds).
The lawsuit sought to invalidate certain resolutions adopted by Taro’s general meeting of shareholders, related to the appointment of external directors, approval of compensation terms of directors, and approval of the company’s compensation policy.
The District Court adopted Taro’s position and denied the claim, setting a precedent with regard to the manner of voting by shareholders of Israeli companies that are listed solely in the US. The Court held that there is no duty of identification by shareholders as a condition for counting their votes on resolutions requiring a disinterested majority, that the Company is not responsible for supervising the accuracy of a shareholders’ declaration that he does not have a personal interest in a matter (except when it knows or should know that such declaration is false), and adopted rules with respect to the manner in which such companies should prepare their voting forms.

February / 2016

Representation of RR Media Ltd in its acquisition by SES S.A

Meitar represented RR Media Ltd, an Israeli company traded on NASDAQ, in its acquisition by SES S.A., a Luxembourg company traded on the Euronext Paris and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, for $242 million.

February / 2016

Representation of Team8 Partners L.P in its investment round and a successful financing

Meitar represented Team8 Partners L.P, a venture capital fund specializing in the formation and facilitation of cyber security companies, in its investment round by AT&T, Mitsui, Temasek, Accenture and others.