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Globes, December / 2019

The Ability of Employees to Benefit Financially from the Options

Michael Hoffman, a senior associate in the Corporate and Securities Group, discusses in his article “Employee Options: The Hidden Component” the effect of the options’ exercise price on the ability of employees to benefit financially from the options. For the full article published in Globes, click here (Hebrew).

Calcalist, November / 2019

The Climate Emergency

Lately, there has been harsh complaints and criticism towards Israel accusing the country for not being active enough in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its territory. Gidi Frishtik, a partner in our firm who specializes in the field of environmental law, paints a more realistic picture of Israel when dealing with the emergency climate state and its great importance. For the full article published in Calcalist magazine, click here (Hebrew).

Calcalist, August / 2019

The Ministry of Finance should Eliminate the Unfair Advantage of Nonprofits

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of nonprofit organizations participating in commercial tenders, trying to exploit their nonprofit status and their advantage over ordinary commercial companies that must add VAT to their bids, in a way that thwarts the commercial companies and harms fair competition and the freedom of occupation. Such activity by nonprofits is in fact against the law. For the full article by Giora Ungar and Yoav Hertman of our firm, click here (Hebrew).

Calcalist, August / 2019

GDPR – Useful Comments and Tips for Israeli Companies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to Israeli companies with some degree of permanent presence in one of the EU countries.

Meitar partner Ignacio Gonzalez Royo, who specializes in GDPR, gives useful comments and tips to Israeli companies in his Calcalist article. For the full article click here (Hebrew).

TheMarker, August / 2019

ISA’s version to the ambiguity policy

The enforcement policy published by the Securities Authority in early July does not seem to solve the problem of ambiguity in choosing the different enforcement course, even though the choice of how to manage the procedure is extremely dramatic. For the full article by Yuval Z. Sasson and Dr. Eithan Y. Kidron of our firm, click here (Hebrew).

Globes, July / 2019

Court Cancels Ministry of Defense Tender: Violates Rights of IDF Disabled Veterans

In a precedent-setting ruling of the Tel Aviv District Court it was determined that the Ministry of Defense tender would be canceled because it violates the rights of IDF disabled veterans. Giora Ungar, a partner in our firm, represented Tigbur, the company that prevailed in the petition against the tender, and said that “this is a victory with precedential implications for all future tenders.” For the full coverage of the Globes website, click here (Hebrew).

Globes, July / 2019

The Hard Lesson from the Jerusalem Light Rail

“In order to carry out the multi-year infrastructure development plan, we need to rethink the distribution of risk between the state and the concessionaires,” says Meitar partner Dr. Tani Zahavi.

In her Globes article, she explains why, click here (Hebrew).