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Geektime, December / 2016

Which important changes in working conditions did this year bring?

2016 continued the trend of improvement in the employment conditions of Israeli workers and now certain employees are entitled to additional vacation days and increased pension contributions. There is even a new public agreement for working students.

An article by Hila Silverstein of Meitar’s Employment and Labor Law Group provides an overview.

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TheMarker, December / 2016

A new question mark hangs over National Outline Plan 38

A precedential judgment of the Supreme Court canceled a well-established practice obligating entrepreneurs to deposit letters of indemnity, and might create a delay in planning procedures and in the implementation of NOP 38 projects.

We invite you to read more on this recent developments in the field, in an article by the our head of Planning and Building Group, Adv. Tamar Migdal.

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Globes, December / 2016

A Proposal for a Mortgage Interest Deduction

Allowing a tax deduction for mortgage interest could significantly reduce the cost of home ownership. For example, a deduction for the interest on a 25-year mortgage of 1M NIS at a fixed 4% interest could provide up to 300,000 NIS discount over the life of the mortgage.

An article by Omri Davidov (Adv. and  CPA), from our Firm’s tax department 

For the full article published at “Globes” (Hebrew), please click here.

Haaretz, November / 2016

“Misappropriation of trade secrets in the Israeli high-tech industry”

An article by Meitar partner Dr. Yoav Oestreicher, describing what a trade secret is and when its use is considered a violation.

For the full article published at “Haaretz” (Hebrew), please click here.

Globes, September / 2016

“The Fintech revolution is at its peak, while the regulator is struggling to keep up”

An article by our partner Tomer Shani.

For the full article published at “Globes” (Hebrew), please click here.

Geektime, July / 2016

How to Prevent Tax Hitches in Your Next Exit

Tax implications of reverse vesting and holdback mechanisms for founders and key employees described by Meir Akunis and Gal Shemer of Meitar’s Tax group.
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People & Computers, April / 2016

The Ten Commandments for overseas distribution agreements

An article by Meitar partner, Or Baron Gil, addresses the key elements that will make your distribution agreement a good foundation for a successful commercial relationship.

The article was published at People & Computers Web Portal.
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