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Globes, December / 2013

“Israel’s accession to international conventions is important to attract foreign investors”

Adv. Renelle Joffe speaks about pending legislation in Israel regarding definition of the country’s Exclusive Economic waters and application of local law in this area, and emphasizes the importance of foreign investors in encouraging competition in the natural gas market.
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Globes, May / 2013

Meet Israel’s Socially Conscious Attorneys

In this survey of the most socially conscientious law firms in Israel, Meitar was ranked among the highest in terms of percentage of pro-bono projects it undertakes on behalf of the needy and for worthy causes in the community.
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TheMarker, March / 2013

The Only Infrastructure Reform That Succeeded

Much has been written on Israel’s water reforms, but according to Gidi Frishtik, Head of Meitar’s Municipal Law practice, the true success and benefits of the reforms have not been properly evaluated. Contrary to the claim that the formation of special companies to distribute water was superfluous and a failure due to rising water prices, a professional examination, free of self-serving demagoguery, reveals that it is the only successful structural reform in infrastructure that has taken place in the last decade.
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TheMarker Magazin, March / 2013

Foreign Investment in Local Media and Safeguarding Democracy

Israel’s media market in recent years has been kept alive thanks to foreign investments, some that are clearly politically motivated, and others that are solely economically motivated. Yossi Abadi, Meitar’s specialist in the field of media and communications, posits in cases when the investment is economic, regulatory restrictions are impairing economic growth. He believes that regulation that prohibits the control of a foreign capital requires rethinking and that to avoid impact on content, the government should use regulation to prevent politically biased media to be used to further political agendas.
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Forbes Israel, March / 2013

Meet Maya Liquornik and Dalia Tal

Along with one of the largest mergers on the Israeli legal scene, came the merger between two of the most influential women in the Israeli commercial law community – Attorneys Maya Liquornik  and Dalia Tal. Forbes interviews these two formidable women.
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Globes, February / 2013

The State Erred in Ignoring the Parent Company’s Role

In this interview with Globes, Dr. Reli Leshem, head of Meitar’s Litigation and Dispute Department, explains the acquittal of his client on charges of negligent homicide in the Remedia baby formula tragedy and the error made by the prosecution in not going after the real culprit in the affair, as determined by the court – the manufacturer. Judge Lea Lev On of the Petah Tikva Magistrates Court stated in her ruling that the main burden of guilt for the tragedy lies with Humana – the foreign company that actually manufactured the baby formula in question, which had been marketed in Israel by Remedia.
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Globes, February / 2013

“The media is trying to convince us that the entire country is corrupt. It is simply not true.”

In an interview with four senior partners in the newly merged firm, they dispel some of the financial myths surrounding the merger and lay out their plans for the future of Israel’s third largest law firm.
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