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    Yaniv Breitshtein Partner

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    16 Abba Hillel Silver Rd.
    Ramat Gan 5250608, Israel

    Tel: 972 3 610 3152 Fax: 972 3 610 3111

    Email: yanivb@meitar.com


    Yaniv Britstein is a partner in the firm’s Local Authorities Group.

    Yaniv has an extensive experience in the municipal law, with a uniqie expertise in municipal corporations. Adv. Britstein serves as the legal counsel of the Israeli Association of Municipal Corporations. Moreover, Adv. Britstein specializes in regulation, audit, civil and administrative litigation, tender law, NPOs and NGOs and various other public sector-related activities.
    Adv. Britstein represents dozens of public entities (local authorities, municipal corporations and public associations) in a wide range of their activities, including complex projects and litigation in all instances. Adv. Britstein delivers lectures on municipal corporations on various forums, takes part in legislative procedures and drafting municipal corporations-related administrative guidelines and represents municipal corporations before various regulators.