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TimeOut, August / 2023

Petition to the Election Commission: to prohibit Huldai from directing “Opera in the Park”

The election committee rejected the petition of Tzipi Brand, a candidate for the municipality, which was filed against the municipality and its head, Ron Huldai.
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Themarker, August / 2023

The startup teams of 2023

TheMarker’s technology reporters select 20 young companies that particularly impressed them in the past year.
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Rashuiot, July / 2023

It is not so simple to be elected again

On the challenges facing the incumbent heads of authorities ahead of the upcoming elections.
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Insights Success, July / 2023

Dr. Tani Zahavi, a partner in our firm, was selected as one of the 10 most influential leaders in the legal world

This is according to the American magazine “InsightSuccess”. Also, Dr. Tani Zahavi appears on the cover page.
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Ynet, July / 2023

Artificial intelligence in the office: how to do it right

Artificial intelligence is increasingly entering the workplace. What is important for employers and employees to know and check before making a decision whether to use the new tools?
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Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers Redefining IP Law in Israel 2023

The most illustrious and skilled IP lawyers in Israel.
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Calcalist, July / 2023

The suitcases are already packed

Adv. Itay Frishman warns: If the high-tech workers leave, everyone will leave after them.
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