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Globes, June / 2021

There Has Been a Major Damage to the Legal System, and We All are Paying the Price. So What Do We have to Do Next?

Nadav Weisman, a partner in our firm, shares in his article in Globes, his insights on how the Israeli public has been affected by the impaired law enforcement, explaining what we can do to resolve the issue. For the full article (Hebrew) click here.

Kan 11, March / 2021

The Elections – Coalition Negotiations

Now that the elections are behind us, it is time for the next challenge facing the political parties in Israel – a coalition agreement. How is such an agreement formulated and what is expected to occur during the coalition negotiations, which will ultimately determine what the new government will look like?

Alon Gellert, a partner in our firm who has been involved in drafting many coalition agreements, discusses this matter in the Kan 11 podcast – Chayot Kis (Pocket Animals).  For the full recording (Hebrew) click here .

Ynet, March / 2021

A Win for the Municipal Water Corporations in the Petition against the Attempt to Turn Them into Reg

Our firm represented different water corporations in the prevention of the reform to reduce the number of the corporations from 56 to 30. The argument was that a reduction will most definitely harm the functioning of the corporations, the service provided to consumers, and will inevitably lead to cross-subsidization of strong corporations consumers to weak corporations consumers. For the full article (Hebrew) click here .

The Times of Israel, March / 2021

SPACtacular – Israeli companies join the SPAC train

David Fruchtman, a partner at our firm, addressed this topic in an interview to ‘The Times of Israel’ and said: “In Israel the trend is starting, there is definitely a significant increase both in interest in SPAC transactions as well as in actual companies pursuing it. It will be “SPACs all the way” for 2021 as well. The numbers are dazzling, and today it is all that everyone is talking about.” For the full article click here.

Globes, March / 2021

The Tar Contamination Crisis – An Opportunity to Repair the Environmental Protection System

Gidi Frishtik, partner at our firm and the head of the firm’s environmental law practice, presents in his article to Globes, the steps that the National Marine Environment Protection Division and the Ministry of Environmental Protection must take, following the pollution crisis off the coast of Israel. Gidi also highlights in his article that if the National Marine Environment Protection Division will be smart to act as he noted, the pollution incident will be remembered as a positive turning point in the preservation of Israel’s marine and coastal environment. For the full article (Hebrew) click here.

Themarker, February / 2021

Not Just Out of Convenience: Technology Needs to be Implemented Into the Courts

Dan Shamgar and Nadav Weisman, partners in our firm, refer in their article in The Marker newspaper, to how the use of advanced media in the Israeli courts can contribute in preliminary hearings, disclosure of documents and even in the supervision of suspects and defendants, and consequently save the legal system and litigants a great amount of time. For the full article (Hebrew) click here.

Themarker, February / 2021

The New Taxation Plan of the Tax Authority

Dr. Michael Bricker, partner in our firm, interviewed for The Marker newspaper and explained why the Tax Authority’s proposal is harmful and not appropriate for the development centers of foreign multinational companies: “How, for example, do you determine whether an activity creates a unique and valuable contribution? What does is mean when the source of the intangible asset is in Israel? After all, it’s either that the intellectual property is in Israel and then tax is paid on it, or that the tax was paid on it when the activity was sold”. For the full article (Hebrew) click here.