Planning and Construction

Planning and Construction

Meitar’s Planning and Construction Group has extensive experience in representing and advising both governmental and private entities on some of Israel’s largest real estate (residential, commerce, offices and industry), infrastructure and energy projects.

Zoning and licensing procedures – The Group represents clients in the process of obtaining approvals for a wide variety of master plans – at local, regional and national levels, as well as in local licensing procedures, involving all levels of Israeli planning authorities.

The Group also represents its clients in objection procedures whether to oppose any zoning procedure or to defend such procedures from objections.

Moreover, the Group possesses a great deal of experience in representing clients in civil litigation before appellate committees and the courts regarding zoning, planning, construction, land expropriation and real estate issues.

Betterment and development levies – The Group specializes in representing clients in legal proceedings to challenge betterment levies. The Team’s rich experience in handling betterment levy procedures, its expertise in the zoning issues that often arise in these cases, as well as its thorough understanding of the various assessment-related issues, give the firm’s clients a significant advantage in handling demands for betterment levies.

The Group advises clients on matters involving development levies, first assessing the exposure to demands for development levies in real estate projects, and then negotiating with the local authorities or challenging such demands.

Expropriation and compensation – The Team is composed of well-known attorneys who are experts in land expropriation proceedings and in compensation claims due to land expropriation or depreciation of land resulting from zoning actions.

The Group represents clients in various legislative procedures before Government offices, the Planning Administration and parliament committees, and advised and represented in the legislative procedures of the Planning and Construction Law reform.

The firm’s Planning and Construction Law Group is headed by Tamar Migdal, one of Israel’s best-known attorneys in this field, and regularly receives leading rankings from international and local ranking guides. Tamar has more than 20 years of experience and represents and advises her clients at the highest professional level.