Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) and NGOs

Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) and NGOs

Meitar Law is one of the leading Israeli law firms in this field. Our firm represents NPOs of all types across the voluntary sector (associations, public benefit companies, public and religious endowments and Ottoman Associations) in various stages of their establishment, development and day-to-day operations and providing them a comprehensive legal advice in all areas relevant to their activities.

Our NPO legal team has a unique experience and reputation and consists of a former head of Israel Corporations Authority and other senior partners and associates with a vast experience in the area. The team works in close cooperation with the rest of the professional groups of our firm, providing to our NPO-clients legal advice in all ancillary aspects of their operations and related practice areas such as taxation, employment, intellectual property, privacy, tenders, litigation, real estate, etc.

Our firm uniquely specializes in providing legal services pertaining to philanthropic activities, including the growing ties between these activities and the Israeli high tech scene.

The firm also has a significant track record in providing legal advice to foreign NPOs establishing their operations in Israel.

Representative experience

  • Advice in choosing the right type of incorporation for meeting the founders’ objectives and assistance in its establishment;
  • Ongoing advise in day-to-day operations of the voluntary sector across-the-board;
  • Representation of and ongoing assistance to foreign-incorporated NPOs operating in Israel;
  •  Assistance in obtaining and keeping a Proper Management Certificate;
  • Assistance in corporate governance and advice in terms of compliance with NPO-specific  regulatory requirements;
  • Representation in liquidation proceedings and other measures taken by the regulators, including in-depth inspections;
  • Voluntary liquidations and transfer of assets;
  • Drawing up NPO operating procedures;
  • Representation of and ongoing assistance to contributors to NPOs;
  • Provision of legal opinions;
  • Assistance in contracts, tenders, communication with regulators and government agencies;
  • Assistance and obtaining approvals under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance;
  • Assistance in general meetings and electoral procedures of the organizations;
  • Assistance and representation in NPO-specific taxation issues;
  • Assistance and representation in NPO-related regulatory and legislation procedures;
  • Representation of officers and executives, including trustees and beneficiaries in religious and public endowments;
  • Assistance in receiving deceased estates and obtaining government and local authorities’ support as well as assistance and representation in allotment of land to public institutions.