Municipal Taxation

Municipal Taxation

Our office has considerable expertise and experience in handling cases and representing clients in legal proceedings relating to development levies, establishment fees (levies paid by entrepreneurs to water and sewage corporations) and improvement levies.

Development Levies and Establishment Fees – our firm represents land owners and entrepreneurs versus local authorities with respect to development levies payment requirements, including representation of clients in restitution claims and contesting payment requests. Furthermore, the firm assists a number of water and sewage corporations imposing establishment fees on entrepreneurs. Representing these clients provides our firm with a broad perspective of this area, enabling us to provide our clients with top professional services.

Municipal Property Tax – our firm represents industrial enterprises, high-tech companies, banks, entrepreneurs, business owners and NPOs versus local authorities with respect to payment of the municipal property tax and reduction of payment requests, including filing oppositions and appeals and representation in court. Meitar’s Municipal Taxation Group has a unique and specific expertise in the matters relating to imposition of municipal property taxes on technology development companies and banks. The vast experience in the area has led our firm to significant achievements for our clients and material reductions of the municipal property tax payments.

Improvement Levies – our firm also has an extensive expertise and experience in representing clients in court proceedings relating to the improvement levy payment requests in decisive appraisal proceedings, as well as representing clients in courts of all relevant instances. Our group’s rich experience in such proceedings as well as in providing assistance to real estate appraisers taking part in the proceedings, gives our clients an advantage in handling such requests.

In 2021, Meitar’s Municipal Taxation Group was ranked at the top of the professional BDI ranking and is headed by adv. Gidi Frishtik, an environmental law specialist, co-chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Israel Bar Association and environmental law lecturer; and adv. Tamar Migdal, who has acquired over 22  years of experience in the field and is known as one of the leading Israeli planning and construction lawyers.