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    Shani Buchnick-Salomon Senior Associate

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    16 Abba Hillel Silver Rd.
    Ramat Gan 5250608, Israel

    Tel: 972 3 614 8819 Fax: 972 3 610 3111

    Email: shanibu@meitar.com


    Shani Buchnick-Salomon is a Senior Associate in the firm’s tax department.
    Shani oversees indirect tax matters, including VAT, customs duties, purchase tax and excise taxes. With over a decade of experience in the Israeli Tax Authority, she holds a unique specialization and practical expertise in this domain. Additionally, Shani leads initiatives in property tax and war compensation funds.
    Before joining our firm, Shani served as Chief of Staff to the Chief Legal Advisor and acted as a legal advisor to the management and Value Added Tax offices of the Israel Tax Authority. These roles provided Shani with in-depth familiarity with the Israeli tax system, with a specific focus on indirect taxes.
    Having provided legal oversight to the continuous operations of the Tax Authority, Shani has actively contributed to various reforms and legislative processes in the tax domain. Her involvement extends to participating in professional committee discussions, offering legal counsel in pre-ruling decisions and writing professional guidelines that are published to the public.

    Shani possesses extensive experience in formulating and comprehending tax policies. Also, Shani has experience in tax litigation, as she outlined the legal policy in many complex tax assessment procedures and court cases of broad legal and business significance.

    Shani also has experience in other complicated tax areas, such as property tax and war compensation funds and import and export taxes. Dealing with these areas, characterized by complex and extensive legislation, requires expertise and practical knowledge to find solutions that optimize outcomes for businesses and companies.
    Furthermore, Shani has served as a lecturer in academy and in professional courses at the Israel Tax Authority.

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