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Internship at Meitar

Interns at Meitar enjoy a tailor-made internship, allowing them to choose whether to decide on a preferred practice area already at the start of the internship and specialize in that field through the year, or to experience work in a variety of practice areas during the first half of the internship, and choose a preferred specialization only in the second half. The first option is suitable for candidates who want to focus on a particular practice area right from the start of the internship. The second option is suitable for candidates who wish to be exposed to a variety of practices before deciding on which of them they would like to concentrate. For candidates who choose the second option, the internship will go as follows:
  1. In the first half of the internship – the staff in charge of the interns will integrate the interns in work with partners and associates in the wide range of practice areas the firm offers (litigation, corporate law, capital markets, project finance, real estate, energy, banking, intellectual property, antitrust, environmental law and more) to ensure that the interns get the opportunity to experience legal work in a variety of matters. Towards the end of the first six months, and based on the experience they accumulated, the interns will be asked to choose their preferred practice area.
  2. In the second half of the internship – the staff responsible for the interns will team the interns up with partners and associates in the chosen practice area. In addition, each intern will be assigned a mentoring partner with expertise and experience in the chosen field.
In each of the internship options, Meitar’s internship team, which includes three partners (Sivan, Aviv and Assaf), the office manager (Orly) and our full-time intern manager (Libi), take care of the interns’ work, working hours and workload, and do everything to ensure they have an interesting and fulfilling internship with diverse colleagues and tasks, on a daily basis and based on their acquaintance with each intern and his or her needs. The method’s secret of success is that it enables interns to focus on their preferred practice area, or to get a taste of hands-on work in the various legal fields and make an informed choice later on. In any event, both tracks offer hands-on experience in Meitar’s highly professional teams. Our firm’s intern manager is in charge of personally assisting the interns with everything they need and helping them to achieve success, while monitoring their work and adjusting the workload and work requirements, and at the same time taking into account their wishes and needs, from day one.