Cross Border Compliance

Cross Border Compliance

Meitar’s Cross Border Compliance practice area covers all aspects of compliance with the US Foreign-Corrupt Practices Act, anti-money laundering regulations, export control, securities investigation, law enforcement, sanction regimes, and white collar defense and investigations.

We advise clients on a wide variety of issues concerning the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and anti-money laundering laws. Whether assisting in instituting or testing compliance models, or representing in criminal or civil enforcement suits, our team is committed to putting the most cost-effective, risk-averse solution in place.

We support business activities that take place across the globe, and also work in collaboration with partners and associated firms for coordinated multi-jurisdiction matters. We have extensive experience collaborating on anti-corruption compliance matters in many jurisdictions; serving as on-call counsel; implementing corruption risk due diligence and conducting thorough audits of corporate compliance programs.

Our team is well-versed and experienced in all matters relating to counter-terrorist financing, know-your-customer (KYC) rules, asset blocking and reporting, enforcement problems, as well as evaluating existing AML policies and procedures, and implementing new programs based on compliant best practices. In addition, MEITAR is experienced in white-collar litigation, as legal counsel in allegations of accounting and securities fraud and corporate misconduct, public corruption, price fixing, government contracting fraud, healthcare fraud, and environmental crimes, cyber securities and data protection.

Yuval Sasson heads the firm’s Cross Border Compliance practice. He is a well-known lecturer and commentator on the legal and commercial issues relating to regulatory compliance and anti-corruption issues. As a former Deputy to Israel’s State Prosecutor, Yuval has extensive experience handling high profile cases involving sensitive security matters.